Tuesday, 7 August 2007

Brits at Risk without Travel Insurance

Brits are risking it big by travelling abroad without insurance according to new research. An article on the Fair Investment Company has highlighted the findings of a survey conducted by Survey Monkey.

The findings have shown an alarming number of people who are willing to travel without adequate travel insurance, in fact one in five out of 1,011 people questioned stated that they quite happily travel without insurance, with men being the worst offenders, with 12% of men choosing not to take out policies compared to 9% of women.

The survey has also shown that people in their twenties are the least likely to take out travel insurance at 13%. 4% of these have stated they have never taken out any form of travel insurance.

It can seem like travel insurance is a waste of money, how many times have you had to make a claim? The answer is highly likely to be never, but when you look at what you spend each holiday on insurance and compare this to the potential costs you could incur should you become ill and need emergency insurance, the decision is a no brainer.

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